FREE FILM screening of  “The Chiang Mai Project” will be shown in Portland:
Sunday, May, 24, 7:00 p.m. at The Lotus Seed Ashram. 4635 NE 9th Ave. and Tuesday May 26, 7:00 p.m. at Zaytoon, 2236 NE Alberta St.

The film follows a group of actors, musicians and artists who traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to participate in a cross-cultural, theatrical benefit performance for The Vieng Ping Children’s Home and the Asian Elephant Hospital, sponsored by the Friends of the Asian Elephant. The film identifies and examines the needs of the Vieng Ping Children’s Home, which serves orphaned children in the Northern Region of Thailand, and is the first orphanage to care for children who are HIV-positive and/or who have become orphaned by the deaths of AIDS-infected parents.

The film also addresses the needs of The Asian Elephant Hospital, which is the only hospital of its kind offering care to injured and abused elephants. Founded by Soraida Salwala, the hospital is sponsored by her parent organization Friends of the Asian Elephant, whose purpose is to stop the export of Asian elephants, provide education regarding imminent extinction, and supply medical care to elephants that have been abused or abandoned by their owners, or injured by stepping on landmines while crossing into Burma. Salwala estimates that if action isn’t taken to preserve and care for these majestic, time-honored representatives of Thailand, they will be gone within 50 years.

Producer Sherie Guilliat will be on hand for post screening questions and answers.

Click to see the FAE elephant hospital site

(Be sure to scroll down to see the work with prosthetics and the elephants)

Contact: Sherie Guilliat